Reiger Rally dampers


Reiger Rally dampers are known to be innovative and from the highest quality under all circumstances. For over two decades we give you the best traction, control and reliability. These characteristics were discovered in an early stage by different WRC teams, and partly because they used our dampers on the highest level we were able to make the dampers to the great product they are today.

Nowadays we supply the best dampers for all national and international rally categories. The basic damper consists of two different front dampers (5062 and 570) which are, if possible, combined with a 4616 rear damper.

The combination of dampers that fits you the best depends on the category you drive in. The FIA has a big impact on that decision, because shock absorbers are embedded in the vehicle homologation.

All Group R categories have vehicles that our dampers are homologated with. The most important groups are R2, R4 and R5, but of course our dampers are homologated on different S2000 and WRC cars.

In case you have a rally car with Group N or A homologation you have more options for your dampers. Of course we can supply any dampers for these cars. Please contact our rally department for more information.