Shock Absorber KTM 65



Completely removable and rebuildable have the following characteristics:

 Steel body for better heat dissipation and increased robustness due to the very strong inclination of the shock absorber mounted In the motorbike.
• Separation system for nitrogen/oil with bladder, which allows to decrease the internal friction and therefore decrease the production of heat, which is very important when it is in the presence of shock absorbers small but subjected to great stress, both thermal and mechanical.
• Rebound Adjuster with 60 clicks (25 clicks for KTM 65).
• Adjusting low speed compression with 32 clicks.
• Adjusting high speed compression with 8 full laps.
• Maximum sensitivity to adjustments.
• Consistent performance on the manche.
• Sheems 12 mm that allows easy fine-tuning and availability.
• Bump rubber longer for major surgery in the biggest jumps.
• Piston Rod 14 mm

 These features allow the complete external adjustment of the shock without any difficulty, very important to get the maximum performance with the best driving comfort.
The shock absorber can be supplied with or without spring, with the ability to mount the original in case of pilot lightweight.



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