EPICA Cartridge WP AER/XACT 48mm

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EPICA Cartridge by Lainer Suspension fo WP AER 48 and WP XACT 48.

  • KTM SX-F 250/350/450  2016-2020
  • KTM SX 125/150/250     2016-2020
  • HUSQVARNA FC 250/350/450  2017-2020
  • HUSQVARNA TC 125/250   2017-2020
  • HUSQVARNA FS 450  2017-2020

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Our new EPICA Cartridge System is the culmination of years of experience, testing and development into a single project. The main goal for this project was to develop a highly tunable cartridge to allow riders to fine tune their forks in ways that was never before possible. Below is a break down of the key features of this innovative design.

External adjustments:

  • Compression damping – 60 clicks of sensitive adjustment– Adjustment at top of cartridge.
  • Rebound damping – 50 clicks of sensitive adjustment– Located at fork bottom.
  • External spring preload adjustment – 0 to 15mm– Easily adjusted with a 16mm socket at the fork bottom.

Innovative Features:

  • Bladder System
    • Our bladder system prevents performance loss that can occur with standard internal spring systems (due to hydraulic support decay).
    • Internal oil compensation with increased volume for better high speed response.
    • Ability to tune bladder pressures via the side bleed spring.
  • EPICA cartridge incorporates Lainer’s Progressive Damping System (PDS) for increased hydraulic damping at the end stroke.
    • PDS system has up to 12 different adjustments for the end stroke stiffness.
  • High Speed compression piston is reversible with a large range of settings.

Technical Specs:

  • Machined from premium 7075 and 6060 alloys and hard anodized.
  • Reversible High Speed compression piston – outer diameter = 38 mm.
    • Side A (Flat valve surface) – 34mm OD shims for motocross and enduro.
    • Side B (Convex valve surface) – 32mm OD shims for supercross.
  • Option to configure Low Speed Valve (LSV) on compression base valve.
  • Cartridge rod diameter = 14 mm (for an increased oil flow).
  • Rebound piston diameter = 25mm for better hydraulic control.
  • Compression high/low speed shims ID 12 mm.
  • Maximum travel = 310 mm.
  • Maximum shim diameter for Mid-Valve By-pass = 21 mm.
  • Ability to set Mid-Valve float clearance with the stack shims.
  • Mid-Valve/By-pass floating shim ID = 6 mm (for a soft response at high speed on the braking bumps).
  • Rebound shims ID = 6 mm (uses triangular mid-valve shims to avoid any oil turbulence on compression).
  • Low friction NBR bottom seal.
  • Ability to extend the cartridge through the nylon washers.